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3 Things You Didn't Know About Meo Energetics

3 Things You Didn't Know About Meo Energetics

Here’s the backstory about three pieces of our story:

  • Our name
  • Our labels and bottles
  • Our logo

1. “Meo” is actually an acronym

Molecular Energy Oils was our working company name before we took the first letters from those words to create Meo.

Our oil blends are inspired by the recent discovery in neuroscience that lasers, light, and electricity are all forms of energy that can heal the brain. John, with his background in energy medicine and Functional Neurology, pioneered the approach of using essential oils to energetically support the brain.

That led to Molecular Energy Oils: the oils were clearly affecting the body on a cellular (molecular) level through subtle energy fields.

John and I, already explorers of quantum physics literature, walked even further to the outskirts of Western science. We wanted to find an explanation of how his oils worked energetically. We searched far and wide for theories to explain how the subtle energy of plants could affect the human body at a cellular level.

We synthesized our own complex theory but could not be certain it described the full picture of how the oils work. And, just like every other practitioner in the field of energy medicine, we’re okay with saying, “We don’t know exactly how energy medicine works. As a matter of fact, reductionist Western Science will never be able to explain how subtle energy conveys healing information. But we've experienced that energy medicine does work.”

For more information on the theory of Energetics, please see my post here.

2. Our bottles and labels are an active ingredient

I’ll admit it: John and I were total snobs in our initial discussions about packaging. We were utterly disenchanted with most oil packaging, and wanted our bottles to reflect the quality of our essential oils.

We wanted the most beautiful and functional packaging on the market, and I believe we met that goal.


When Jimm Harrison, who sources our oils, pointed us to MIRON Glass, we wouldn’t settle for anything less. This deep violet glass stops all visible light from entering the bottle, which prevents oxidation and ensures our oils stay fresh for years. We consider our MIRON Bottles an active ingredient, critical to the energetic integrity of our formulations.

Interesting fact: MIRON was first used in ancient Egypt by healers, and then was popular with alchemists in the Middle Ages. It fell out of favor due to expense, but is now valued by aromatherapists and aestheticians for its remarkable qualities.

Our labels are also an active ingredient, as a form of color therapy. John tested hundreds of swatches of colors to find the specific shades that energetically support the associated brain region. For example, the raspberry shade we have on our Anxiety Release™ blend supports the anterior cingulate gyrus.

3. Our logo means “Manifest”

Our logo is inspired by an ancient alchemy symbol that means “Manifest.” We came to one graphic designer and said, “We don’t have any idea what logo would encompass our mission and message. Can you help?” When she presented us with this symbol and told us the alchemical history, John and I looked at each other and simultaneously said, “That’s it.”

Alchemy became a system associated with mysticism, but was the earliest practice of chemistry. Alchemists experimented, in a systematic fashion, to create a purer, more powerful substance (gold and silver) from base metals. John’s formulation process shares the similarity of using painstakingly precise measurements to create something more powerful than the sum of its parts, which is why an alchemical symbol was the perfect fit.

This symbol has taken a new level of personal significance in my life, representing for me the power of creativity, synergy, and intention.


I had our symbol made into a necklace which I wear almost daily. For a while there, I considered getting this symbol as my first tattoo. Given my needle-phobia, however, I went with the necklace. We hope to offer these necklaces to you at Meo Energetics in the future.