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How We Ensure Artisanal Essential Oils

How We Ensure Artisanal Essential Oils

As John and I embarked on creating this company a year and a half ago, we immediately discovered it takes an expert in the field to ensure pure, high-quality essential oils. Rampant adulteration of oils darkly shadows the essential oil industry, and even those with experience in the industry are often duped. 

Recently, I’ve seen numerous alternative health practitioners saying they travel the globe to source their brand of essential oils. I admire this personal approach, but that claim sends the shiver of skepticism down my spine. Sourcing essential oils proves a huge challenge for individuals who are not thoroughly experienced.

John and I held high standards for Meo Energetic’s essential oils. As John discovered in his formulation process, the quality of the oil impacts both the efficacy and the fragrance profile of our blends. 

How We Source Our Essential Oils

At Meo Energetics, in order to create high integrity formulas, we work with Jimm Harrison, a leading expert who has 30+ years of experience in the industry.

As an uncompromising connoisseurs, Jimm is renowned worldwide his essential oil expertise. He travels throughout the world to source directly from small, independently-owned, artisanal essential oil producers. 

We have been privileged to call Jimm our consultant and mentor in the process of starting Meo Energetics. Conveniently—or serendipitously—Jimm shares our hometown of Seattle. Jimm also created and teaches the aromatherapy program for Bastyr University, one of the most well-known naturopathic universities.

In Jimm’s aromatherapy classes and in his one-on-one consulting for Meo Energetics, I’ve learned the many dynamics involved in sourcing essential oils. One of the first things Jimm told me was, “Essential oils are like wine. You’ve got your $7 bottle or your aged French vintage.”

Like a wine expert, an essential oil connoisseur has a highly refined palate to discern quality. This is Jimm. He not only has a superhuman olfactory sense, he approaches the sourcing process with a passion for the people, the land, and the intention behind each oil.

Why we source from a person, not a brand

A best brand does not exist, because determining the best oil is subjective. An oil can be pure but due to industrial processing it is a “flat” oil, comparable to a flat wine. As with almost any artisanal item, producing an oil in mass amounts diminishes its handcrafted qualities.

But the preference of artistry over quantity is also a subjective opinion, which is why there isn't one best brand.

If you are looking for an essential oil to fragrance every item in your house, from your dryer balls to your homemade bath bombs, you're likely looking for affordability... not layered notes of fragrance from a wildcrafted oil hand-distilled by a small group of monastic nuns in Corsica. At Meo Energetics, we are looking for the unique fragrance, energetic, and synergistic qualities present in that wildcrafted oil hand-distilled by that small group of monastics in Corsica.

The below photo is an example of where Jimm sources from hand-distilleries. Here, the eucalyptus is ready to be put into the still.

Also, many of the higher-end essential oil brands carry exceptional varieties of certain oils along with oils of lesser quality in their line. This is why Meo Energetics sources from a person, not a brand, to ensure we source only artisanal, rather than industrial, oils.