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Healing the Brain to Discover Who We Are

Healing the Brain to Discover Who We Are

What makes you feel more YOU?

The first time I stepped into a dance class, a delight in my body awoke. Engulfed in the piano music I felt myself dancing beyond my inhibitions, as if the waves of an invisible ocean flowed through my limbs.

I’m sure you’ve had a similar experience when you found yourself at home with yourself. Maybe it was walking at the beach, listening to certain music, or holding a certain person’s hand.

Those experiences open a door to our soul, bringing us in touch with that part which remains eternally radiant and powerful. We glimpse who we truly are.

I felt those same soul doors open when I first used John’s oils. For example, when I used Vagal Tone, I came out of my spinning mind and into my body. Using Anxiety Release, I experienced a stillness that I had never before felt. I wanted to share this experience of becoming more in touch with myself, and that’s why I started Meo Energetics with John.

Balancing the brain allows us to experience our truer nature. With a balanced brain, we have the ability to slip out of anxiety into the ever-present stillpoint. Or we have the ability to fall into a trance of focus, allowing our creativity to manifest. Or we have the ability to fully experience our senses and intuition.

Healing the brain, therefore, carries the spiritual consequence of discovering who we truly are. 

Helping Clients Access Their True Selves

Shelley Gawith has a thriving nutrition practice in New Zealand, and is the practitioner who uses the most Meo Energetics products. She works grounded in the philosophy that the body knows how to heal itself and can readily provide instructions for healing.

Shelley supports healing breakthroughs in countless sessions, often facilitated by Meo Energetics products. She has many remarkable stories to share about how her clients came into deeper contact with themselves once brain support was provided.

Here, in Shelley’s words, is her experience with helping clients access their true selves with brain support.


Shelley: Meo Energetics oils have allowed me to help clients in a way that diet and other dietary supplements couldn't help clients previously. Clients have such a profound experience.

They can instantly experience a shift in their bodies, which is so powerful in their healing journeys. I have clients crying in clinic as they are shocked that they are finally experiencing themselves and their bodies on such a different level.

It is often instant for them, shifts that may never have happened for clients before are happening over night. I could tell you dozens of individual stories. I always get messages after they have been in clinic telling me of all the ways their lives have changed.

My clients with chronic fatigue are shocked at the difference it has made to their recovery. I can't believe when I go to muscle test them again a few weeks later, how fast it changes their bodies. 

I had a client today tell me after we had applied Brain Deflame on her temples that she finally felt unbroken (her words) for the first time in her life.


A lot of my clients are very successful driven corporate clients, with very stressful lives. The oils help them slow down and relax in a way they never thought was possible. They help them connect with themselves and their families. Vagal Tone helps my clients relax, sleep better, think more clearly, be in a state of calmness, stops their racing minds.

The best part I’ve experience, personally and with my clients, is we are no longer living our lives as human doers, living our lives just doing, now we can actually be and experience life, we can actually feel and connect with people. It's so different. I never experienced this until recently.

Most of my clients and myself included have never had the experience of actually feeling emotions and connecting with them, we were too busy doing to feel them. One of my clients was crying in clinic, grieving all the years she had lost not being able to connect with herself and her emotions.


All my clients apply Brain Deflame before their exercise sessions. I have clients Personal trainers emailing me, shocked at the difference it makes to our clients’ strength.  I have some top competitive athletes that use Brain Deflame, and they are also surprised  what a difference it is making to their performance.

A lot of clients tell me that it feels like the fog has lifted and they can think again. My clients with chronic pain also feel a big shift with this oil.


My clients are educated around how the oils support changing their neuroplasticity. All of my clients using Vagal Tone™ watches the webinar on it. I want them to experience what the oils are doing in their bodies and have the knowledge of how they are healing their bodies.

I don't think my practice would be as successful as it is today without the use of these oils, as I just don't think I would be able to make the shifts in people's health without them. I also don't think I would have gotten to where I am health wise without Meo Energetics!

About Shelley Gawith, NTP

Shelley has a thriving Nutritional Therapy practice in New Zealand, offering both individual consultations and customized wellness education for corporations. She's one of the most successful practitioners to graduate from the Nutritional Therapy Association, and she attributes her success to tapping into the body's wisdom. She says,"Through clinical evaluation, I let my clients' body tell me what to do. I have trust in what their body is saying.” She can be contacted at