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How the Brain Inflammation Epidemic Reduces Intelligence and Strength

How the Brain Inflammation Epidemic Reduces Intelligence and Strength

Something is going on with virtually all of us modern human beings that affects our brains’ ability to think easily, feel happy and enthusiastic about life, and be relaxed.

And very importantly, this condition also slows down the signal to our muscles so they can’t fire at their full potential. What is this thing we all have? Our brains are inflamed. Why is that happening?

Our brains become inflamed from all these causes of “neuro-inflammation.”

10 causes of brain inflammation

  1. EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) from cell phones, screens, WiFi, and our wired homes
  2. Toxicity from our dentistry, cars, home, food, water and air. We live in a poisoned environment, and as a result are poisoned beings.
  3. Chronic infections,  such as sinus, lung and gut infections. Few of us are free of infections.
  4. Food allergies — I’ve never had a client who wasn’t unknowingly eating a food to which they were allergic.
  5. Sleep problems and insomnia.
  6. Sugar
  7. Alcohol
  8. Cannabis
  9. Concussions
  10. Dehydration

So who is free of all these factors? None of us. That is why I believe that all of us have this inflammatory problem, and it is at the root of our brain's degeneration. And brain degeneration is the primary determination of what kind of life we are going to live.

The brain is born with mechanisms to protect itself from invasion from the outside. When the brain is out of balance with toxicity or infections, it will inflame itself as one of the ways to re-balance itself. The inflammation is not a bad thing unless it becomes chronic and continuous.

Three consequences of brain inflammation

What are the consequences of chronic brain inflammation?

First, when the brain is inflamed, it slows down its processing speed. A slow brain is as bad as it sounds. When the brain is slowed, our thinking slows down, our ability to focus is lost, learning and being creative becomes nothing but heavy lifting.

Second, brain inflammation is the leading cause of depression. It should be the first place you look when feeling depressed. A slow brain is also an anxious brain.

Third, the brain’s communication to our muscles is slowed down. A muscle’s strength is only as strong as the signal from the brain.

Every muscle cell is connected to a nerve that is connected to the brain. We all know the feeling of brain fog, when our thinking becomes fuzzy and “staticy.” The same thing happens to our muscular self when our brain is not firing with the same speed.

Support for reducing brain inflammation

Brain Deflame that supports the anti-inflammation mechanisms of the brain. Those who have used the blend are especially able to notice it when exercising. A discernible increase in strength is felt immediately upon application.

We have a fun challenge with those who do an exercise regimen that is counted, such as weight lifting. We have them do one set of reps to fatigue, then pause for a minute, then do a second set after applying the oil. We have repeatedly witnessed an increase in reps in the second set and improved form. This is a vivid demonstration of the brain’s effect on physical performance.

How to reduce brain inflammation

You can also experience the effects of Brain Deflame with mental work. At the office, apply the oil when experiencing being at the end of your endurance for a specific task. It feels like you have lightened the load you were carrying.  An inflamed brain feels heavy, and a brain that is anti-inflamed feels lighter.

The experience of a brain processing faster is a pleasure forgotten by many of us. It’s like comparing the feeling of being in an aerodynamic car versus one with lots of wind drag.

Reducing brain inflammation means a faster brain 

So how do you speed up your brain’s performance? Along with Brain Deflame, make dietary changes to reduce chronic inflammation.

Anti-inflaming your body with gut-healing protocols, detoxifying, and supporting your immune system all help your brain. Avoiding toxins, stopping sugar, and being very aware of your exposure levels to EMFs all have the potential to anti-inflame your brain.