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Is it an Allergic Reaction or Detox Reaction to Essential Oils?

Is it an Allergic Reaction or Detox Reaction to Essential Oils?

Within the few months since our launch, we’ve sold thousands of bottles of Vagal Tone. On average, for every 100 bottles sold, we get an email from someone reporting they got a headache or nausea after using the oil. “Is this normal? Am I having a detox reaction?” they ask.

In this post,  you’ll learn why essential oils can cause a detox reaction, and how to tell the difference between detox symptoms and allergic symptoms. This is an important difference, because the first case means you are supporting your body and the second case means you are stressing your body.

What is a Detox Reaction?

Nutrients, supplements or healing tools can all provoke a detox reaction, also called a healing reaction. When we bring the body into higher balance and vitality, the body’s healing processes speed up.

Regeneration, immune function, digestion. and detoxing are all healing process that require energy and vitality.  When our body is stressed and fatigued, these processes slow down dramatically.

When we introduce a form of support, the body may go, “Woo hoo, I can finally get rid of these accumulated toxins! I can finally kick the immune system into gear! It’s time to clean up.”

Vagal tone turns on the parasympathetic state

Vagal tone is the degree of activity happening in the parasympathetic nervous system. Only in parasympathetic do our natural healing processes — digestion/detox/immune/regeneration — turn on.

If we have weak vagal tone, our body is stuck in chronic Survival Mode. Toxins and pathogens accumulate while detox and immune functions are turned down.

When we strengthen our vagal tone, we support our body in healing. Toxins can finally be excreted, food can be digested, and the immune system can fight pathogenic invaders.

Symptoms of a detox reaction to Meo Energetics Vagal Tone™

Headache — When detoxification is enhanced, one can sometimes feel the effects of the toxins as a headache.

Nausea — If digestion has been compromised, bile in the gallbladder can become congested and loaded with toxins. Nausea may occur when this toxic bile begins to move out of the system.

Fatigue — When we have been stuck in the Sympathetic state of the nervous system, our “Survival Mode,” the body is flooded with stimulating stress hormones. When we shift into parasympathetic, the body can finally breathe a sign of relief and feels the underlying fatigue. It is only in parasympathetic that we can fully feel our body, and this includes feeling fatigue if we’ve burned ourselves out.

Cold symptoms — Increasing your vagal tone means supporting your immune system. A depressed immune system is unable to fight off pathogenic invaders. So when we shift into parasympathetic state, the body recognizes these invaders and fights them off.

If you have an detox reaction to Vagal Tone

  1. If you are having a detox reaction, use only Vagal Tone alone, without our other oils.
  2. Decrease your usage of the oil from four times per day to one time per day for two weeks.
  3. Then, use it twice a day for another week.
  4. After these four weeks, you can increase your dosage to four times per day.
  5. After using it four times per day without detox symptoms, you can re-introduce any of our other oils.

Neuro Reboot is also highly supportive when you have any detox reaction, as it calms the nervous system. John recommends it to his clients whenever they do a detox protocol. 

If symptoms persist for more than three weeks, please contact us and we’ll support you. 

Symptoms of an allergic reaction to essential oils

We’ve sold thousands of bottles of oils, and have had only two cases of allergic reactions to our products. We also tell individuals not to use one of our oils if they are allergic to an ingredient in it. For example, if you have a peppermint allergy, don’t use Vagal Tone.

These symptoms indicate an allergic reaction or sensitivity to essential oils:

  • Itchy eyes
  • Runny nose
  • Sneezing
  • Hives or inflamed skin at the site of oil application

If you think you are having an allergic to one of our products, please contact us and we’ll support you.

If you have other questions about our essential oil blends, check out our FAQs or contact us at