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How To Use Flower Essences for Brain Health

How To Use Flower Essences for Brain Health

The first product in our line of Brain Essences, Neuro Reboot™ uses a proprietary blend of flower essences to support brain health. 

In his practice, John would hear clients say, “I feel like my brain is short-circuited. It feels frozen.” John realized these clients were overwhelmed by a multitude of stressors—their job, environmental toxins, EMFs, excessive screen time. In short, they had too many tabs open in their brain. 

John wanted to find a solution that addressed the two primary causes of an overwhelmed nervous system: first, physical causes including environmental toxins and stress, and second, the more subtle energetic causes, including EMFs (harmful electromagnetic frequencies) and energy-draining people. 

John found the solution for his clients using flower essences, which deeply support both the physical and the energetic aspects of human health. 

What are flower essences? 

Flower essences are the imprint of a plant’s energetic fields in water. There are no measurable plant substances, such as essential oils or extracts, in the water. In this way, flower essences are similar to homeopathy. The active ingredient is the subtle energy, not the chemical compounds.

The human body, just like a plant, is more than the tissues, bones, and cells consisting of chemical compounds. The human body is orchestrated by an energy system called the Subtle Body. 

While far from trivial in biological effect, this energy is called subtle energy because, to date, it eludes scientific measurement. The Subtle Body has been recognized for millennia in ancient healing modalities such as Ayurveda and Chinese medicine.

Flower essences are a form of energy medicine, the most ancient and universal form of healing. As the Nobel Prize winner Albert Szent-Gyorgyi said, “In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.”

How we make our flower essences

Our flower essences are prepared and blended in collaboration with our dear friend and intuitive healer Shanon Mason. You know The Dog Whisperer? Shanon is The Jungle Whisperer.

Perhaps you’ve watched The Dog Whisperer immediately settle rowdy dogs by his presence. Or maybe you know someone like this in your own life, who draws shy cats like a magnet or seems to collect a following of wild animals.

Call it intuition, a personality trait, or an undefinable alliance, but some people have an affinity for animals. In the same way, Shanon has discovered and cultivated her gift for understanding the plant world.

Shanon and John first work together to determine a blend to support a specific brain function. Next, she creates her wildcrafted flower essences in the heart of the Kauai jungles. Finally, she combines the flower essences with specific aromatic plants to create an aromatherapy experience along with the flower essence delivery.

How to Use Neuro Reboot 

Reach for Neuro Reboot when you feel like your brain is shut down due to stress or overuse.

Many of John’s clients bring their bottle to their workplace and reboot themselves before and after meetings. They also reach for it to clear their mind when they are working on a project.

Practitioners who feel like they “take on their clients’ energy” swear by Neuro Reboot. Therapists, nutritionists, bodyworkers, and energy practitioners all tell us they use Neuro Reboot between each client. Taking on clients' energy is a primary cause of therapist/practitioner burnout. 

I use it every time I return home. As soon as I put down my keys and purse, I reach for the bottle of Neuro Reboot. It helps me clear the noisy energy of the outside world so I can transition from work to my personal life.