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Empath Survival Guide: Flower Essences for Empaths

Empath Survival Guide: Flower Essences for Empaths

When I discovered flower essences…

The first time I went to an energy practitioner, my heart tried to leap out of my chest. I had to hold myself back from running around the practitioner’s room, touching and admiring all the crystals, books and bottles. 

That’s how I knew energy medicine was on my path to healing.

I felt a particular kindred connection to flower essences, an energetic remedy used to support healthy emotional release and expression.

Flower essences transport the energetic imprint of flowers in water. The energy of flower essences gently supports the body in opening awareness, releasing trapped emotions, and expressing creativity. 

The first “prescription” given to me by this practitioner were two Bach Flower Remedies, a well-known line of flower essences. I took home these bottles and knew I was holding magic. Those bottles held the intelligence of nature, and that wisdom was communicating balance to the intelligence of my body. And that is magic.

I wanted these vials physically close to me at all times — I would have slept cradling them like a child with a security blanket.

When I made flower essences...

That was the first time I used flower essences, and then there was the first time I made flower essences.

I went to visit Shanon, who wildcrafts our essences in Hawaii. She took me into the Kauai jungle. “Listen to what flower calls you, and that’s the flower essence you need to make right now.”

Making Flower Essences | Meo Energetics

I softened my eyes and attempted to listen more than look. I walked for a while before a single purple blossom raised its hand from its nest of leaves.

Yes: it raised its hand, gazed directly at me, and humbly but unwaveringly said, “ME.”

It was magic, once again.

Flower essences for empaths

Just like different supplements work for different people different forms of energy medicine work for different people. My spirit is magnetized to flower essences, a nurturing form of energy medicine. I am passionate about sharing their healing properties.

Flower essences have specifically supported my energetic boundaries as an empath, and that’s what I want to discuss here.

I didn’t know learn the term “empath” until I was 19. I thought, “Well, that explains my life.”

Everyone is born an empath, able to read the emotions and energies of other human beings (and animals, and sometimes plants). However, some individuals are more sensitive and may feel helplessly immersed in the energetic dimension of the world. We can use some support in protecting our personal energy field.

We are not victims to our sensitivity: it’s our responsibility to learn how to maintain healthy energetic boundaries. And it’s also our responsibility to use our sensitivity as a gift to support the human race and planet earth.

Flower Essences for Empaths

Neuro Reboot Flower Essence Blend

Neuro Reboot was formulated by John and Shanon to clear discordant energy from the nervous system. Have you ever felt like your body is agitated with excess energy, like static? The clarity of your nervous system could be compromised by unhealthy energy.

We’re often energetically affected toxins and EMFs in our environment. Other people’s energy also affects us. We may feel particularly disrupted around “energy vampires” — unhappy people who leave us drained.

Additionally, practitioners in all healing modalities frequently struggle with “taking on their clients energy.” John says this is the primary cause of Practitioner Burnout. He sees clients back-to-back for most of the week, and knows he can only do this because he has tools (like Neuro Reboot) and techniques to keep his energy clear.

Neuro Reboot | Flower Essences for Brain Function

Neuro Reboot is the most important energetic tool I have as an empath. It helps me clear my energy, and settles my nervous system when I feel agitated by an energetically noisy environment.

Here’s when I use Neuro Reboot:

  • After I come home from meetings, socializing, and errands. It is my ritual to transition from outside-to-inside (literally and metaphorically).
  • Before I sit down to creative work, I use Neuro Reboot with all of our Brain Oils.
  • Before I go to bed, to calm my nervous system.
Neuro Reboot is available here.