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How To Heal The Brain with Neuroplasticity

How To Heal The Brain with Neuroplasticity

Healing the brain is how we can access the full capacity of our health, intelligence, creativity, and strength.

But in order to heal your brain, you have to do more than apply our Brain Oil blends. To heal your brain, you have to know how it works.

How the brain heals with neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity is the phenomena of how your brain heals by developing new brain pathways. 

Once you understand neuroplasticity, you can change your brain so it works for you.

Neuroplasticity means you control how your brain works... so your brain doesn't control how you work.

Think of neuroplasticity as the process of building new roads in your brain. You reinforce a road (connections between neurons) when you repeat thoughts or actions. 

Because the brain favors efficiency, it prefers to travel down old roads rather than create new ones. This is bad news if you have well-worn roads of anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, poor digestion, or poor focus.

Although those roads are there, neuroplasticity means we can build new roads, to live more productively and peacefully.

Heal the brain with neuroplasticity

Re-Wiring a Healthier Brain

Developing new, healthy brain pathways takes effort and focus. There is no shortcut: the only way we re-wire the brain is to think new thoughts and practice new behaviors.

Healing the brain isn't always easy, but it is always worth it.

Our essential oil blends balance specific brain regions, so your brain is "primed" to develop new pathways. As a result, those healthier thoughts and behaviors feel within your reach, often for the first time in your life.

Watch this video to learn how to build healthier brain pathways with our essential oil blends. 

Support healthy neuroplasticity with essential oils

Meo Energetics has pioneered the approach of using essential oils as an energetic therapy for brain health. We were inspired by the discovery that lasers, sound, and electricity are all forms of energy that can support healthy neuroplasticity.

Our formulator John Tjenos has a background in various energy medicine modalities and Functional Neurology. He found that essential oils in specific ratios can energetically strengthen and balance parts of the brain.

Our oils encourage healthy neuroplasticity by supporting -- or "priming" -- the brain region in which new pathways must be established.  

Solidifying the new pathways requires requires more than applying the oil. The primary way to build healthy, new brain pathways is to intentionally repeat thoughts and actions. Whereas those thoughts and actions felt unattainable before (as anyone who has tried to "think their way out of anxiety" knows) the support of the oils help bring those healthy changes within your reach. 

Remember, building a better brain is like building a muscle: it doesn’t happen overnight. If you bring consistency and intention to using our oils and implementing new thought/behavior patterns, you will see results.

Action steps to use with our oils

We want to provide you with suggestions to experience our products in the most powerful way. 

Here are a few examples of actions to support building those new brain pathways.


Vagal Tone™, available here

    • Before your meal, and after applying the oil, take an inhale for a count of four. Then, purse your lips and exhale four a count of six. The long exhalation helps trigger a parasympathetic response.
        • Eat your meal mindfully and slowly, and notice the flavors and fragrance of your food.
            • Share the oil with everyone at the table. One of the properties of a vagal state is connectivity with others, so notice how the mealtime conversation may be more engaged. We will write more on social connectivity and the vagal state in the future.

              Anxiety Release™, available here

              • In our testing, we’ve learned that applying Vagal Tone at the same time as Anxiety Release increases the strength of each oil. We recommend using both together.
              • If you are chronically anxious, apply the oil, take a deep breath, close your eyes for 10 seconds, and feel the shift the oil induces.
              • We also recommend integrating guided imagery or self-hypnosis into your daily routine, for chronic or severe anxiety. I use and highly recommend this free Guided Meditation for Detachment from Overthinking. Use the oil immediately prior to the meditative practice, to support easier access to a meditative state.

              Brain Deflame™, available here

              • The types of dietary fat you eat either increase inflammation, or reduce your inflammation. Read my article here on Omega-3s, to learn which fats to enjoy to lower your Inflammation Thermostat.
              • We’ve found that Vagal Tone™, applied at the same time as Brain Deflame, increases the strength of both oils. This is because the vagal nerve carries messages of anti-inflammation downstream to the body. We recommend using both together.
              • Neuro-inflammation is primarily caused by toxicity, chronic infections, and sugar. Addressing liver health and your gut health is critical for reducing neuro-inflammation.

              Advanced Focus™, available here

              • For anyone with attention issues, internet browsing and social media scrolling contribute to the negative patterns of distractibility. Use the oil before doing things which require sustained focus, such as reading a book, studying, or cooking a meal. Advanced Focus is about being interested and absorbed in what you are doing.
              • This oil, used before your yoga practice, is a powerful way to establish pathways for focus. Yoga emphasizes focus on breath and body, instead of following trails of distracted thought.