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The Workout That Increases Your Brain's Capacity for Focus

The Workout That Increases Your Brain's Capacity for Focus

Focus, attention, planning, organizing, and seeing the big picture along with all the details originate in the brain’s Prefrontal Cortex (PFC). When the PFC loses its “tone,” or processing speed, those possibilities are all but impossible.  

At the very least this compromises productivity. At the very worst it creates agitation and chaos in one’s life. 

Focus has been an essential part of a successful human being from the beginning of time. We are hard-wired to FOCUS.  Without the capacity of focus, human beings would not have survived.  

In our modern lifestyles, we have lost touch with this part of our nature.  It is hard to imagine the human being before the advent of modern distractions—cell phones, laptops, background music or TV, and messages coming at us relentlessly.  

How the brain loses the ability to focus

This creates a vicious cycle that is a threat to all of us. First, our scattered attention actually weakens the brain’s wiring for focus. Just like a muscle atrophies from being underused, the PFC shrinks with lack of focus. As a result, the degraded brain wiring can no longer focus, be attentive, organize, or build sequences and ideas. 

In other words, when you are lazy with your focus, focus becomes harder. 

The prefrontal cortex and focus

Consider your experience when you get in a groove working out. You increase your strength, endurance, and repetitions. But when you take a break for a month, you cannot start where you left off — you need to rebuild your strength.

Our brains bounce from thing to thing, thought to thought. Without focus, remembering or learning is hit or miss. Without focus, nothing amounts to much. It’s a bunch of starts without finishes.

Focus determines our work quality

As I began to work side by side with my business partner, Lauren Geertsen, I discovered the key to her meteoric success and being a quintessential fast learner: her capacity for focus.  

With a self-imposed schedule, she gives herself timed parts of the day for attention to specific tasks. She does not interrupt her work by checking her emails, Facebook, or phone.

She considers it a matter of efficiency. If she diverts her attention, it takes a larger re-investment of energy to re-start.

I also know that to be true in my practice. I can work non-stop for eight hours, but when I lose my focus, especially with spontaneous socializing with clients, it can create disorientation and diminish my performance. Losing my place is an energy and time expense.  

In my work, focus permits the building of ideas, problem-solving, and learning.  Creating protocols and forming an understanding of a client demands sustained attention.  

As an instructor for the Nutritional Therapy Association, I get to work with the same students over most of a year.  Almost universally, the student’s capacity for focus and learning grows exponentially as the year goes on. 

They have exercised their Prefrontal Cortexes. They have built neural pathways, neuroplasticity, for focus.  

The workout that increases focus

Th brain is "use-it-or-lose-it." The brain regions we neglect to exercise begin to atrophy. When we fail to workout our focus,  the act of focus becomes a daunting challenge.

Focus is a strength training for the PFC, and the act of focus builds stronger brain pathways for sustained attention.

There is no shortcut to increase our focus: the only way to re-wire the brain for focus is to actually FOCUS.

If focus feels overwhelming or out-of-reach, we offer support for the tone and strength of the PFC with Advanced Focus. This essential oil blend balances the PFC, so it is “primed” to develop these new brain pathways. As a result, focus may feel within your reach, even for the first time in your life.

How to increase your focus | focus and prefrontal cortex

Use Advanced Focus four times a day, immediately before you will begin your Focus Workout. This workout could be reading, writing, working, a yoga class, or listening to a lecture. 

This brain support and focus workout will create the neuroplasticity for increased tone of the PFC. This is how you change your brain function.

Focus opens the doors to new possibilities

As I said, this is an essential part of a successful human being from time immemorial. It is an indication of maturity and being effective in the world. 

As the PFC develops in one’s life, the impulsiveness of our immature childish selves is tamed. Our decision-making, which is what often defines our lives, is enhanced. This creates a sense of accomplishment and possibilities of building things—thoughts, plans, companies, relationships, and maybe even buildings.  

A focused brain can surprise and energize us with what possibilities and outcomes it creates. It enhances our ability to understand complex thoughts and to sustain our capacity for listening. Perhaps most importantly, we can give the sustained attention to our friends and family that fosters understanding, empathy, and love.

Advanced Focus, combined with Cortisol Brakes (hippocampus support for short-term memory), facilitate the building of a more focused brain.  It’s how you can advance your focus.