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Why We Blend For Brain Function, Not Fragrance

Why We Blend For Brain Function, Not Fragrance

John’s process of formulating our products looks intuitive, but is actually rigorously methodical. He determines how the oils work with the brain and body, and then creates very (very) specific ratios of oil to support different brain functions. 

The ratios are so specific, in fact, that we discovered adding just five drops of a certain oil to our Anxiety Release made it exponentially more powerful. This was right before we launched the company, and we already had our first batch of inventory in stock. We removed all the lids, dropped in the five drops of oil by hand, and then re-capped and re-sealed them. 

Synergy occurs when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. John’s creations epitomize synergy. Essential oils, when combined in his specific ratios, transform into a whole more powerful than the individual oils. John’s formulation process creates extraordinary results. 

And those results are about brain function, not perfumery. Our oils don’t smell like perfume because they are not intended to be perfume. 

Because only a small amount of oil (less than a drop) is required per application, the scent is rarely noticeable on your body. All the same, we want to address why our oils smell the way they do. 

The synergy of the oils sometimes melds into an exquisite scent, like Vagal Tone and Brain Deflame. The cumin in the Anxiety Release, however, lends a heavier, earthier quality than my preference for perfume. 

This is the strange alchemy of the oils: even if the resulting scent is not something I would use as perfume, I am still drawn to use the blend. 

I believe that’s because the Deep Self, that intuitive part of each human body, draws us towards what supports our health.

John is adamant that we honor the process of formulating for brain function, not fragrance. I am on board completely. We’ve tried “messing with” the formulations to make the fragrances more mainstream. Each time, it diminishes the efficacy of the oil. So we choose to, in John’s words, “let the oils do what they want to do. We shouldn’t get in the way.”