Brain Essences

This is how you clear your mind.™

Building a better brain is critical to any health challenge. Our flower essences to re-balance the brain and nervous system, so you experience a higher level of health, productivity, and strength.

You know how it feels to be brain-fried? That's when you need Neuro Reboot, the Restart button for your brain.  Unclutter your mind with pure botanicals and wildcrafted flower essences. 

Neuro Reboot™

Neuro Reboot™

This is how you clear your mind.

Neuro Reboot was developed to support John’s clients who struggled with an overwhelmed nervous system, and said the following:
  • “I become tense, drained, and anxious when I work long hours on my computer.”
  • “I need to protect my energetic space. Some people just suck the emotional energy and physical energy out of me.”
  • “I have so many food allergies and chemical sensitivities, and so I’m physically and emotionally overwhelmed in many environments.”
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