Meo Energetics is pioneering the approach of using essential oils and flower essences as an energetic therapy to promote specific brain functions.

Energetic therapies are the most universal and ancient lineage in healing. In our modern culture, these therapies are called alternative healing, but a more accurate description is original healing. Archaeological excavation of mummified bodies suggest humans used acupuncture, an energetic technique, as early 3000 B.C. to treat conditions such as arthritis and back pain.

Nobel Laureate Albert Szent-Gyorgyi said, “In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.”

The Energy of Plants

In his clinical practice, John developed the ability to feel the flow of the body’s subtle energies, as well as the energy fields of organs and brain regions. This tactile perception of energy, now uncommon, was an integral part of ancient energy healing.

Using this perception, he created energetic, plant-based formulas that balanced brain regions. As John and other clinicians tested these blends, the results were repeatable and effective. One of our testing processes was a Pilot Study, where we distributed our blends to a hundred holistic practitioners who tested the oil on their clients and then provided us with feedback. 

We knew the formulas worked, we wanted to share them, but we couldn’t answer one question: “How, exactly, do essential oils energetically support the brain?”

The Unknown Unkowns

For years, I had searched for a scientific explanation of energy therapies, with the intent to legitimize this holistic tool in the eyes of modern science. I sought a certain, proven, and mechanistic explanation, but found no theory satisfactorily thorough.

When I read the book Ignorance by Stuart Feinstein, Professor and Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences at Columbia University, I realized that I was on an endless pursuit. I was searching for a scientific answer that was, likely, not yet discovered by science.

In his book, Feinstein explains how we further the progress of science through a necessary, but often uncomfortable, time of uncertainty.  To use the words of Nobel Prize winning physicist Erwin Schrodinger, we must “abid[e] by ignorance for an indefinite period.”

“Consider the wide stretches of the electromagnetic spectrum, including most obviously the ultraviolet and infrared but also several million additional wavelengths that we now detect only by using devices such as televisions, cell phones, and radios. All were completely unknown, indeed inconceivable, to our ancestors of just a few generations ago,” writes Feinstein. “Just as there are forces beyond the perception of our sensory apparatus, there may be perspectives that are beyond the conception of our mental apparatus.

In other words, there are unknown unknowns. With a sense of freedom, I realized energy therapies may work at a level of forces we do not—and may not ever—comprehend.

We heard this scientific uncertainty echoed when we were discussing energetic therapies with a family member who has a PhD in physics. We asked him for a scientific explanation of how our products work energetically. His response? “Given all the energy fields in the universe, we could say that we, in all probability, only know a  small percentage of the energy fields that exist in the universe.” He suggested that forms of energy healing take place in energy fields that we can’t quantify yet, and maybe never will quantify.

The Music of Energetics

Modern science will eventually develop measuring devices sensitive enough to reveal more of the energy fields that interact with the human body. I believe that we will see faster progress in this area if we explore energetics beyond the realm of reductionism.

Modern science is governed by reductionism, a belief which attempts to understand the whole (such as the human body) by studying its tiniest breaking it parts (such as cells, atoms, and molecules). Author and biochemist Rupert Sheldrake points out the primary problem with reductionism: it’s like trying to find out how a computer works by grinding it up, and studying the molecules of nickel and copper. There is a place for reductionism in studying the human body, but we also need to complement it with a bigger-picture perspective.

The human body is a Mozart symphony, but Western science often tries to study the symphony by playing each note by each instrument, one by one. That’s a sure way to lose the music.

I believe we'll learn how energetics work by listening to the entire symphony, not to the individual notes of atoms and chemical interactions.

Where's the Cat? 

Feinstein says, “More often than not, science is like looking for a black cat in a dark room, and there may not be a cat in the room.” Studying energy therapies from a reductionistic approach is often like trying to find a nonexistent cat.

Consider acupuncture. We know it works, and we have the double-blind, placebo-controlled, peer-reviewed studies to show it. But, after investing countless dollars into analyzing this therapy, we do not have a measurable mechanism to explain acupuncture. Scientists are trying to catch the Acupuncture-Explanation-Cat, but maybe there is not a cat. Maybe, the explanation is the dark room itself. Maybe it’s the whole house.

Scientifically and Exactly

At the end of this article, you may still be asking me the question, “how, scientifically and exactly, do your products work?”

And my reply is, “Scientifically and exactly, I don’t know.”

Perhaps that leads you to the next question: “Then why do you use and recommend these products?”

My answer to you is that you have a choice in your healing journey. You can choose, as I did, to find support in therapies not yet sanctioned by the scientific studies of Western Medicine.

Finding this support is a journey of discovery and careful experimentation that will be unique to you, your history, and your body. The modalities that work for you may not be mechanistically repeatable for someone else, even in similar situations.

When I used energy medicine and alternative nutrition, both neglected and even “unproven” by modern science, I experienced healing that Western medicine told me was impossible. I want to encourage you to consider alternatives, anchored in ancient traditions, that have yet to fit the processes and instruments of our current medical industry.

About the Author

Lauren Geertsen is the co-founder of and marketing director at Meo Energetics. An author, speaker, nutritional therapist, and a leading online wellness writer, her website has shared resources for vibrant health with over 30 million international readers.