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Build a better brain with essential oils 

Building a better brain is critical to any health challenge. Meo Energetics offers essential oil blends and flower essences to re-balance the brain, so you experience a higher level of health, productivity, and strength.

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How do essential oils support brain health?

The new science of neuroplasticity tells us that we can change our brain by altering our brain pathways. These communication pathways between our brain cells determine our physical, emotional, and mental health.

In his practice, John found that the energetic properties of essential oils can profoundly support building positive brain pathways, or healthy neuroplasticity. Watch the below video before using our oils to understand how you build a better brain.

Balanced, sustainable essential oil education

Much essential oil information is marketing-based myths. Our blog shares aromatherapist-approved essential oil information, so you are empowered to use oils more sustainably and effectively.

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Which oil should I use? 

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How is less than a drop of oil energetically effective? 

How long do I use the oil? 

How do I get the oil out? 

Can I apply more than one oil at a time?

More Frequently Aked Questions 

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