Are your oils pure and therapeutic grade?

Our oils exceed "therapeutic grade,” which is merely a marketing term that does not guarantee quality. Any company can use this term to describe their essential oils even if those oils are adulterated. At Meo Energetics, we source Dynamic Essential Oils.
We believe the people, environment, and intention in essential oil production determines quality. Our oils are selected as a connoisseur selects fine wine, with attention not only to purity but also to the harvest, distillation, seasonality, sustainability, and flavor complexity.
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What do you mean that your oils work “energetically?”

Meo Energetics has pioneered the approach of using essential oils as an energetic therapy for brain health. We were inspired by the discovery that lasers, sound, and electricity are all forms of energy that improve brain health. Our Brain Oils support specific brain regions, just like different workouts strengthen different muscles.
Just as Western science cannot explain how acupuncture works, science cannot yet explain how energetic therapies heal the brain. It is very likely that there is not a mechanistic, reductionistic explanation for energy medicine modalities including acupuncture. But research from the frontiers of neuroscience show us that energy therapies work. We’ve seen the efficacy of our products in our thorough testing processes.
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Why the black bottles?

We invest in Miron glass to preserve the integrity of our products. Miron glass looks black, but it is actually a deep shade of violet. Unlike other colors of glass, it blocks all visible light from entering the bottle. Because light causes essential oils to oxidize, our gorgeous bottles provide functionality by ensuring the product will stay fresh for years.
Interesting fact: Miron was first used in ancient Egypt by healers, and then was popular with alchemists in the Middle Ages. It fell out of favor due to expense, but now is being valued for its remarkable qualities. Miron is now used widely by aromatherapists and skincare companies, because it extends the shelflife of many products without chemical preservatives.

When will I see results?

The oils are effective whether or not you feel an immediate difference. Many individuals are more sensitive to the immediate changes than others, and you can read the experiences others have in the Review section of each product.
Our oils support you building healthy brain pathways, a called process technically called “developing healthy neuroplasticity.” Building a better brain is like building a muscle: it doesn’t happen overnight. The oils support brain function in the part of your brain you wish to improve, but solidifying the new pathways requires you to change your thoughts and behaviors. The oils help bring those healthy changes within your reach.
Progress greatly depends on the actions you're taking to help build those healthy brain pathways. Click here to learn the Action Steps that can be paired with each oil.

Are there studies to show your products work? How are they tested?

Meo Energetics holds the following philosophy, because we've experienced it to be true: essential oils work, whether or not they are proved effective by "paperwork." If we wait for scientific studies to show us how and why to use essential oils, we’ll have lost the opportunity to experience the healing benefits of essential oils in the meantime.
You can learn more about our holistic approach to essential oils right here..
John refined his Brain Oils by testing them on hundreds of clients over a long span of time. John’s clinically-based method of formulation stems from his 25 years as a renowned practitioner and his comprehensive studies in bodywork, craniosacral therapy, nutritional therapy, kinesiology, Functional Neurology, and various forms of energy medicine.
Meo Energetics also gathers results and feedback from a wide range of nutritional therapists, acupuncturists, meditation and yoga instructors, bodyworkers, and energy medicine practitioners to ensure the efficacy of the formulas.

Will I receive the benefits of Meo Energetics™ Brain Oils by just smelling them or applying them in different areas? Can I diffuse your oils?

Our oils must be used topically on the application points indicated for each oil. You will not receive the brain-balancing benefits by applying the oils elsewhere, or just smelling them. Our oils are a form of energetic therapy. They balance to a specific brain region by being applied to that brain region.
Our blends are not intended to be used in a diffuser, and are not to be ingested. They are formulated for topical application.
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Why do the Brain Oils smell as they do?

John's unique process of formulation creates extraordinary results. And those results are about brain function, not perfumery. Brain Oils are not intended to be perfume. Because only a small amount of oil (less than a drop) is required per application, the scent is rarely noticeable on your body.
Essential oils, when combined in John's specific ratios, transform into a whole blend more powerful than the individual oils. We formulate with the priority of brain function, not fragrance. With that priority, sometimes the synergy of oils melds into a fresh scent, like Vagal Tone™, or an earthier scent like Anxiety Release™.

What are flower essences, and why do you use them in Brain Essences?

Flower essences, popularized by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930's, transport the energy of flowers using water.  These remedies shift the subtle energies of the body to support physiological and emotional balance.  
We formulated our Neuro Reboot™ because we believe flower essences offer untapped potential for elevating brain function. Our Brain Essence line is prepared in collaboration with a remarkable woman who we call our "Flower Intuitive," Shanon Mason. Shanon has lived her whole life in Kauai, where she wildcrafts flower essences and floral hydrosols. Click here to learn about flower essences for brain health.

Can I use multiple Brain Oils at once?

Any combination of our Brain Oils and Brain Essences can be used at once. This is actually the most powerful way to experience the products, as they have a synergistic effect when used together. You do not need to wait after applying one oil before you apply the next one.

How long does one bottle last?

We’ve formulated our 5ml bottles to last for many, many applications as we value the sustainable use of essential oils. When used as directed (less than a drop per application, used four times per day) the bottles last for six to eight weeks.