Neuroplasticity is how you build a better brain
The mission of Meo Energetics is to empower people with this message:
How your brain works is your choice.
Chronic anxiety, trouble focusing, brain fog, chronic depression and insomnia all occur because brain function is stuck cycling in unhealthy pathways.
Due to a significant discovery in neuroscience, we know it’s possible to build new pathways that solve these challenges. This discovery is called neuroplasticity.
Neuro refers to the neural pathways created from brain cells communicating with each other. Plastic describes the changeable qualities of the brain. Neuroplasticity, then, is what happens when the brain changes. Focused and repeated thoughts and actions, as well as sensory experience all change the brain by creating new neural pathways.
The Brain Is a Map
Think of the brain as a map that changes as new roads are built. A new "road" is built when brain cells form pathways of communication which are available for future travel.
The more times down a road with the same thought or behavior, the more likely we are to go down that same road in the future. It’s efficiency: the brain wants to take old, well-worn roads instead of building new ones.
We all know the experience of a developing muscle memory from repeated movement or of an idea becoming more familiar the more we are exposed to it. For example, we establish a new road when we practice a musical instrument. The more times we practice, the stronger the pathway becomes for playing this instrument.
Unfortunately, the same phenomenon occurs when we become habituated to thought patterns such as repetitive anxious thoughts. The more times we experience anxiety, the more we train our brain to travel the mental road of anxiety.
Negative and Positive Neuroplasticity
Negative neuroplasticity is the phenomena of our brain habitually taking a road we don’t want to go down: anxiety, chronic depression, chronic inflammation, chronic stress, and poor focus.
But how do we stop going down these problematic roads?
We must create positive neuroplasticity. We must build a new road that the brain sees as a more advantageous route.
Even if we have been stuck in the rut of negative neuroplasticity, we always have the opportunity to build a new road of positive neuroplasticity.
The most challenging time in creating a new, positive pathway is at the beginning. Plotting a new road first requires staking out the trail. Then you smooth out the dips and level the rises. Finally, you pave the road. Only after that work does travel become fast and effortless, like traveling on a superhighway.
A lifetime of negative road building is a powerful force resisting change. To remake your brain's map requires focus, intention, and often additional support. Meo Energetics offers you the support needed to make that road construction easier.
How do essential oils promote a healthy brain?
Norman Doidge popularized neuroplasticity in his best-selling book The Brain That Changes Itself. In his most recent book, The Brain's Way of Healing, Doidge “describes natural, noninvasive avenues into the brain provided by the forms of energy around us—light, sound, vibration, movement—that can pass through our senses and our bodies to awaken the plastic brain’s own transformative capacities without surgery or medication and their unpleasant side effects or risks.
“Using this more nuanced understanding of how our brains work, scientists and practitioners have learned how to use neuroplastic therapies to address many common conditions.” (From The Brain's Way of Healing.)
Inspired by the discovery that forms of energy strengthen the brain, Meo Energetics has pioneered the approach of using essential oils to promote healthy neuroplasticity. The energy contained in our family of essential oil formulations is designed to function as the “heavy equipment” needed to support you in your positive roadbuilding.
How to build a better brain with Meo Energetics
Meo Energetics’ blends support specific brain functions, just like different workouts strengthen specific muscles. Positive changes in your thoughts, behavior, and how your body functions become a possibility within your reach.
1. Apply a Brain Oil to locations on the head, to encourage specific brain functions and healthy pathways.
2. After application, engage in activities that strengthen those healthy pathways. For example, read or study after applying Advanced Focus.
3. Repeated use of the oils promotes stronger positive neuroplasticity that supports how you want to feel, how you want to think, and how you want your body to function.