Essential Oils for Brain Health

The active ingredients in Meo Energetics Brain Oils include:

  1. Authentic essential oils from Earth’s small-batch producers, formulated to support specific regions of the brain.
  2. MIRON violet glass bottles, which preserve the shelf-life and integrity of our products. This glass prevents visible light rays from oxidizing the oils.
  3. Colored labels, which support the associated brain region. Looking at the labels are a form of color therapy.

How We Source Essential Oils

When we began Meo Energetics, we knew essential oils offered powerful brain-elevating potential but we were newbies to the essential oil industry. In the process of sourcing oils, we learned it is a challenging and often deceptive industry to navigate. We realized we needed the support of experts who valued the artistry and sustainability, not just the chemistry, of essential oils. 

Jimm Harrison | Meo Energetics

We — John and Lauren  have learned it takes an expert in the field to ensure pure, high-quality essential oils. So, we work with Jimm Harrison, a leading expert who has 30+ years of experience in the industry.

As an uncompromising connoisseur, Jimm is renowned worldwide his essential oil expertise. He travels throughout the world to source directly from small, independently-owned, artisanal essential oil producers. All of our oils are sourced from Jimm.

We have been privileged to call Jimm our consultant and mentor in the process of starting Meo Energetics. Jimm created and teaches the Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Certification at Bastyr University and is the author of Aromatherapy: Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils for Esthetics

Our Essential Oil Quality

At Meo Energetics, we describe our oils as dynamic rather than the more commonly used phrase therapeutic grade. Therapeutic grade is a marketing term that does not guarantee quality. Any company can use this term to describe their essential oils even if those oils are adulterated.

We believe the people, environment, and intention in essential oil production determines quality. Our oils are selected as a connoisseur selects fine wine, with attention not only to purity but also to the harvest, distillation, seasonality, sustainability, and flavor complexity.

Our Essential Oil Sustainability

Did you know 220 pounds of lavender flowers produce just one pound of essential oil? At Meo Energetics, we know essential oils change lives and we also know essential oils are a precious natural resource. We intend to put these healing oils into as many hands as possible while providing education for sustainable use. Our conscientiously formulated essential oils empower individuals to use a sustainable amount of oil.

In addition, at Meo Energetics we avoid using what we call “bad karma oils,” including rosewood and Indian sandalwood. These oils, while available on the marketplace, are currently unsustainable due to over-harvesting. We also take great care in sourcing our vetiver, as the harvest of this crop can lead to landslides and flooding unless carefully tended. 

Our Essential Oil Formulation 

John’s process of formulating our products looks intuitive, but is actually rigorously methodical. He determines how the oils work with the brain and body, and then creates very (very) specific ratios of oil to support different brain functions. 

Synergy occurs when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. John’s creations epitomize synergy. Essential oils, when combined in his specific ratios, transform into a whole that is more powerful than the individual oils.  

Meo Energetics's essential oils are blended for brain function, not perfumery. Because only a small amount of oil (less than a drop) is required per application, the scent is rarely noticeable on your body. 

When John is formulating a blend, the synergy of the oils sometimes melds into an exquisite scent, like Vagal Tone™ and Brain Deflame™.  The cumin in the Anxiety Release™, however, lends a heavier, earthier quality than some people prefer in perfume. 

This strange alchemy of our Brain Oils, however, has a special effect: even when the scent is not what someone would typically choose as perfume, they are still drawn to use the blend regularly. We believe that is the intuitive part of each human body at work, drawing us towards what supports our health.


Flower Essences for Brain Health

Our Brain Essence line uses wildcrafted flower essences to support the brain and nervous system. Flower essences, popularized by Dr. Edward Bach in the 1930s, transport the energy of flowers using water. These remedies shift the subtle energies of the body to support physiological and emotional balance.

We created Neuro Reboot™ because we believe flower essences offer untapped potential for elevating brain function. Further, we wanted to create a tool to support every body, as flower essence therapy is often tailored to each individual by a practitioner. 

Our flower essences are prepared in collaboration with Shanon Mason, owner of Kauai Herbals. We call Shanon our dear friend, a wise woman, and The Jungle Whisperer.

Some people are animal people—shy pets and wild animals are drawn to these individuals. Some people, like Shanon, are plant people. Shanon has developed a deep understanding of the healing properties of plants. In particular, she has connected to the plant kingdom in her backyard: the beautiful, fertile jungles of Kauai. 

Shanon first handpicks her botanical ingredients from Kauai jungles, where she sources water from a mountain spring. The purity and wildness of this water makes it a vessel to carry energetic information. Next, she creates individual flower essences in the heart of the jungle. Shanon uses a proprietary technique to make flower essences highly effective topically.