Meo Energetics' clinical-grade flower essences and essential oil blends are clinically formulated, then tested by practitioners in numerous healing modalities. 

Our formulations are tested, used, and recommended by psychotherapists, chiropractors, nutritional therapists, Rekei practitioners, and acupuncturists. 


Practitioner Pricing

A minimum of 6 products is required to get Practitioner Pricing, which is as follows: 

33% off 6 to 11 products

42% off 12 or more products


Create a Practitioner Account

Follow these three steps to quickly create your Practitioner Account: 

1. Fill out this Practitioner Application Form

2. You'll get an immediate email saying your account is set up, but it takes us 24 hours to confirm you as a practitioner. We'll email you within one business day to let you know that your Practitioner Account is ready.

3. Log into your account (click the head icon in the upper right of your screen) and you're ready to order!


Frequently Asked Questions

I want to order less than 6 products, to try them before I share them with clients. How do I do this? 

Simply place your order without logging into your Practitioner Account. When you are logged into your Practitioner Account, a minimum of 6 products is required to place your order.

Do you have instructions or handouts for clients?

Yes, in your order you will receive Instruction Cards for each product, which can be provided to your clients. 

Do you offer education or trainings to practitioners?

Yes! Clinical training is a foundation of our mission at Meo Energetics. Sign up below to be notified of our training and education opportunities. 

When you sign up, you will also receive our printable clinician's chart of the Parasympathetic State and Parasympathetic State. You can use this chart in your practice to educate your clients on the importance of parasympathetic function for wellbeing.