Is brain care the missing piece in your practice?

When your clients' brain dysfunctions, their body dysfunctions. Your clients cannot reach optimal physical and emotional health without healing their brain.

Unfortunately, brain care is the missing piece in healthcare. Without providing clients with support for brain healing, clinicians overlook a primary underlying cause of other health problems. 

Meo Energetics provides accessible, noninvasive tools to address your clients' brain health, so your protocols are more effective and your clients feel more empowered in their healing. 


Practitioner Testimonials 

Meo Energetics oils have allowed me to help clients in a way that diet and other dietary supplements couldn't. I have clients crying in clinic, shocked that they are finally experiencing themselves and their bodies on such a different level. One client told me, after I applied Brain Deflame to her, that she finally felt unbroken (her words) for the first time in her life. -- Shelley Gawith, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Vagal Tone oil by Meo Energetics can nourish and balance your vagal nerve function. I use it very often with excellent results. -- Caroline Barringer, NTP, GAPS Practitioner, and Lead Instructor for the Nutritional Therapy Association

I work with the brain every day and can attest to the power of these oils. Meo Energetics oils are an easy way for [my clients] to remain proactive in the healing process. It also helps family members who can use the oils even though they are not doing brain training. -- Dr. Marina Chirco, psychiatrist and neurofeedback clinician


Practitioner Pricing

A minimum of 6 products is required to get Practitioner Pricing, which is as follows: 

  • 33% off 6 to 11 products
  • 42% off 12 or more products


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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to order less than 6 products, to try them before I share them with clients. How do I do this? Simply place your order without logging into your Practitioner Account. When you are logged into your Practitioner Account, a minimum of 6 products is required to place your order.

Do you have instructions or handouts for clients? Yes, in your order you will receive Instruction Cards for each product, which can be provided to your clients. 

Do you offer education or trainings to practitioners? Yes, clinical training is a foundation of our mission at Meo Energetics. Click here to view currently available Brain Health Trainings. Sign up below to be notified of our training and education opportunities. 

Is brain care the missing piece in your holistic practice?

Learn how help your clients build a better brain.