Advanced Focus™

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Advanced Focus™

Advanced Focus™

The ability to focus allowed successful human evolution, and engaged focus is still an essential part of being a well-adjusted and effective human being.
Use Advanced Focus™ for the following symptoms:
  • Inability to focus
  • Distractibility
  • Short attention span
  • Chronic disorganization
  • Inability to plan
  • Poor listening skills
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Balancing the Prefrontal Cortex

The capacity for focus relies on the function of the prefrontal cortex (PFC).  This part of the brain is also responsible for attention, planning, organization, and holding the big picture along with the small details.

When the PFC is underactive, it has poor tone like a weak muscle. With low PFC tone, a person loses their stamina for sequencing, organizing, and sustained focus.

When properly functioning, the PFC provides impulse control in both action and speech. Symptoms of an underactive PFC often include emotional volatility, poor listening skills, and speaking without consideration of consequences. These symptoms are often perceived as a lack of self-control, instead of inadequate pathways for focus in the brain.

Advanced Focus supports the strength and tone of the PFC. The act of focusing is strength training for the PFC, and Advanced Focus is a tool that creates a more effective workout.

Your Capacity for Focus Is Your Choice

Underactive Prefrontal Cortex   Healthy Prefrontal Cortex
Inattentive when listening Active, sustained listening skills
Changing conversation subjects Ability to engage in sustained conversations with interest
Inability to envision the big picture and details at once Big-picture planning while holding attention to details
Confused and pretending to grasp ideas or concepts
Capacity for learning complex ideas
Disorganized, with five projects going at once Sequencing and knowing the next step

How To Use Advanced Focus™

Meo Energetics essential oil blends help you build a better brain. Reach a new level health, productivity, and strength.

  1. Put less than a drop of oil on your fingertip. Apply to your hairline on both sides of your head.
  2. Take a deep breath and exhale as slowly as possible through pursed lips.
  3. Apply four times daily, before activities requiring focus (reading, yoga, listening, working).


Advanced Focus™ ingredients include: organic and/or wildcrafted essential oils of Melissa, Rose, Myrrh, Ajowan, and Palmerosa in a base of organic jojoba oil.

Learn about our essential oil quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if Advanced Focus™ is working?

The effects of our Brain Oils are cumulative, as it takes time and intention to build healthy brain pathways, but many people experience an immediate shift after applying the oils. When using Advanced Focus™, bring your awareness to the clarity of your mind.

Here are ways that people have described Advanced Focus™:
  • “My spouse has noticed I am not changing subjects in conversation as much”
  • “I sat through the entire lecture in class without looking at my phone, I pretty much stayed with the lecture.”
  • “I was able to organize our move in a way different than my usual scatterbrained whirlwind.”
  • “I feel like I don’t have to rev-up my mind to make it work. This oil has had a calming effect on me.”

Is Advanced Focus™ safe for children, pregnant women, and nursing moms?

As with all essential oil products, keep Meo Energetics products out of reach of children. Do not ingest, or have children ingest, Meo Energetics products. Our products may be used on children over 6 years of age, if applied by an adult. If you are pregnant or nursing, please check with your health care provider before using any essential oil products. When used as directed, we have formulated our products to be suitable for nursing moms.

Can I use multiple Brain Oils at once?

Any combination of our Brain Oils can be used at once. This is actually the most powerful way to experience the oils, as they have a synergistic effect when used together. You do not need to wait after applying one oil before you apply the next one.

How long does one bottle last?

We’ve formulated our 5ml bottles to last for many, many applications as we value the sustainable use of essential oils. When used as directed (less than a drop per application, used four times per day) the bottles last for six to eight weeks.

How are Meo Energetics products tested for efficacy?

John Tjenos developed his clinically-based method of formulation from his background in bodywork, craniosacral therapy, nutritional therapy, kinesiology, Functional Neurology, and various forms of energy medicine.

Meo Energetics gathers results and feedback from a wide range of nutritional therapists, acupuncturists, meditation and yoga instructors, bodyworkers, and energy medicine practitioners to ensure the efficacy of the formulas.

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